Oil and Gas Production, Transportation, Processing and Use

Teimuraz Gochitashvili, Ph.D., Prof.

Tbilisi, 2024

ISBN: 978-9941-8-3284-0

The foundational reference and directory of “Oil and Gas Production, Transportation, Processing and Use” was written by Teimuraz Gochitashvili, edited by George Chikovani.

Due to the positioning of Georgia as the region's leading transit country on the international oil and gas market and the interest of local readers in respective issues, challenges related to Caspian oil and gas transit projects to the Europe and their development prospects are broadly discussed.

This publication deviates from the traditional treatment of the topic by discussing at length the production, storage, transportation, and utilization of hydrogen, as well as the main ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the burning of fossil fuels, contractual relationships within the oil and gas industry and assessment of the current condition and potential future developments of Georgia's oil and gas industry.

The publication is aimed at the managers and technical personnel within the oil and gas industry, as well as wider audiences interested in the fundamentals of oil and gas extraction and utilization, and students of specialized higher education institutions. The publication references fundamental treatises on the oil and gas industry, as well as works containing information on modern technologies and trends. It will help graduate and postgraduate students identify sources within major domains of systematic research, and analytical and statistical materials. These references can be used by investors in the energy sector, as well as politicians and experts interested in regional economics and geopolitics for obtaining foundational information.

The directory includes a thesaurus of selected terms used internationally within the oil and gas industry, units of measurement from various systems of measurement, and their conversion factors.

The publication also includes a substantial insert in English (Introductory Guide into Georgian Oil and Gas Industry), which focuses on the particularities of the Georgian oil and gas industry and its development prospects. This insert will provide an international reader with a basic understanding of the important segment of Georgia's energy sector.

The revised edition of this publication was precipitated by the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war had on global economics, including the repositioning of players in the oil and gas market. More specifically, the necessity of fundamental restructuring of the trends dominant for the last two or three decades in supplying international markets with fossil fuels, which highlighted maximum financial profit while ignoring fundamental principles of preservation of the environment and energy security.